Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Our stainless steel portable pizza ovens have many benefits, they are perfect for use on decks where weight is an issue. If you are renting they are great as you can take them away when you leave. Or if you have multiple living areas around your house you can move your pizza oven to where you will be entertaining that night.

Stainless Steel Pizza Oven from Woodfired Ltd

Amalfi Rapido Pizza Oven


Our new Amalfi Rapido wood fired pizza oven is made completely out of 304 stainless steel to stand up to New Zealand’s harsh climate. It is a large family sized pizza oven capable of cooking for large groups. It is built on wheels for easy portability between multiple outdoor living areas. It has a fixed in thermometer for optimum control, so you will always know what temperature your cooking at.


Ceramic insulation between the two inner and outer stainless steel casing and 30mm fire brick base allows the pizza oven to hold the heat for those long slow roasts. It will heat up in only 20 minutes and be ready to cook for the whole family. Our best stainless steel pizza oven yet.


Weighing in at only 140kg it is suitable for use on decks and outdoor patios.


Pizza oven comes complete with pizza peel, pizza cutter, and a waterproof cover.


99cm wide x 88cm deep

Cooking area: 0.48cbm (3 Pizzas)

Weight: 140kgs

304 Stainless Steel

Temporarily Out of Stock

RRP $2,250

On Sale $2,000

On Display at the Home Ideas Centre - 165 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland

Stainless Steel Portable Pizza Oven


Comes with, wood fired pizza oven, door with thermometer, portable stand, pizza stone, and a waterproof cover.

Weighing in at only 123kg it is suitable for a deck and any other living area. Being on wheels means you can use it in multiple outdoor living areas around your home. Made out of Stainless steel with ceramic insulation between the inner and outer casing, combined with the firebrick hearth this will hold the heat for roasts.

It will heat up in only 20 minutes and be ready to cook those delicious wood-fired pizzas. Can also be used to cook roasts, casseroles, fish, bread and also desserts! If you can cook it in a conventional oven you can cook it in this.


Dimensions: 206h x 78w x 120d
Cooking area: 35h x 66w x 98d
Shelf size: 78w x 110d
Weight: 123kg (including firebricks)
430 grade Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Pizza Oven by Woodfired Ltd

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RRP $1,799

On Sale $1,550

Smoker/Pizza Oven


This is a do it all wood-fired Smoker/Pizza Oven. It has 4 compartments, one for smoking meat and fish, one for cooking pizzas or roasts, one for the fire, and storage down the bottom. This is ideal for everyone it will do everything you need and more, there is very little you cant cook in this.

- 1 x wire sliding oven rack
- 70 litre oven, fully lined steel
- Temperature gauge

Fully Enclosed Oven with Ceramic Pizza Tile Base
- 1 x wire sliding oven rack
- 70 litre oven, fully lined in stainless steel
- Tempered glass viewing window with temperature gauge

Fire Box
- Fantastic economy, only small amount of wood required
- 56 litre fire box
- 1 x Ash pan

Wood Storage Cabinet
- 89 litre cabinet to keep wood stored and dry

Overall Dimensions

2066mm high x 630mm wide x 695mm deep

Weight: 100kg

RRP $1,699

On Sale $1,499